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Why I don't want children

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First off wanting children is OK! My stance here is not an indictment of people who want children. My parents wanted children and they're great! (Plus, you know, thanks for the gift of life and all that)

This isn't a phase

I've known for a long time (close to 10 years) that I don't want children. At this point I can safely say that it's decided.

Main Arguments

My undesirable genetic traits

I would never want someone else to go through what I did

Worried that I don't have a long enough attention span

I've never been committed to anything for more than a month. I've never wanted to be committed to anything for more than that.

Worried I would resent them for 'stealing' my focus

Lack of freedom

Having children shrinks a persons worldview

this is only really true while they're a small child

Lack of autonomy (bodily / personal / time)

it's not about my needs anymore

Secondary Weaker Arguments

The world doesn't need more children

Children are expensive

Babies are annoying

The idea that all of a sudden this tiny person I just met would mean more to me than the partner I chose freaks me out

Counter Arguments

Fears & Concerns

What if I fall for someone who really wants children?