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Book/Architects After Architecture

Author:: Harriet Harriss, Rory Hyde, and Roberta Marcaccio

Full Title:: Architects After Architecture



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Why::Thinking about the future self and how I want him to be


First added September 6th, 2021

they are not Ź¼abandoning' architecture, but expanding its relevance into other adjacent territories

Location::(PageĀ 11)

'If I abandon the "profession of architecture" in order to focus on problems more directly connected with life, it is to be able to see more clearly into these problems.'

Location::(PageĀ 16)

the diagram of everything

Location::(PageĀ 18)

the reasons for leaving are many, and not all ... feel pushed out, but many are pulled toward greater opportunity.

Location::(PageĀ 20)

'inside the word emergency is emerge; from an emergency new things come forth. The old certainties are crumbling fast, but danger and possibilities are sisters.'

Location::(PageĀ 33)