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February 10th, 2022

I'm generally skeptical of people who proclaim to want more beautiful cities. "more beautiful buildings" is often code for "buildings built in old familiar styles" esquing innovation, artistic merit, or site constraint


Dua Lipa Asks Stephen How His Faith And His Comedy Overlap


sadness is a little bit of an emotional death but not a defeat because if you can find a way to laugh about it because that laughter keeps you from having fear about it

"How are you still single??" isn't really a compliment it's an indictment

adding more favs deletes the old!!!

{{DONE}} figure out what the actual twitter response is for protected tweets

{{DONE}} set up an alt path if there is an error

{{DONE}} create a template file to display content from the DB

{{DONE}} add keyboard shortcuts for smash/pass

Types of text that would require special styles


< Party Chat >

Verity's lyrics

Chapter heads get small illustrations in a two tone lithographic / wood cut print style

The palette could be extracted from the cover/vibe image