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Person/Maggie Appleton

Company:: egghead

Twitter Handle:: @Mappletons

Interests:: Digital Gardening, Anthropology

Tags:: people

She has a handful of page prefixes that help me distinguish between page types. (this is an adoption of the PARA system)

B: Books C: Courses P: Projects –– Collections of tasks that have a specific end date and clear success criteria. E: Evergreen –– Evergreen Notes modelled off Andy's System (similar to Zettles to the Zettlekasten system) ➽ Original Creations –– Things I'm creating that are/will be public at some point. Essays, digital garden notes, conference talks, video tutorials, and livestream/podcast outlines all fall under this umbrella

These are handy for quickly searching for a certain type of note - the prefix lets you quickly scan through all your books/projects/Evergreen from just the inline search system.

It also means you can create multiple pages with the same title, but of different types.

For example, B: Meat Planet and ➽ Meat Planet are two different pages in my database. One is my notes on the book Meat Planet, and the second is a planning and draft-writing space for an illustrated essay I made that took what I learned from the book and expanded it into an original creation.

The 'official' way of doing this is with roam

. There may be ways to filter these in the coming evolution of Roam