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Projects/Physical Book of Pocket Articles

Date Created:: April 21st, 2021

Last Updated:: April 24th, 2021


What is this? The idea was floated during Down the Rabbit Hole: Into The Curiosity Verse (III) about having a physical representation of a digital thing.

Wouldn't it be cool if instead of bookmarks and saved links disappearing into a digital black hole there was a physical reminder? Sometimes you just can't beat the classic paperback book format and so the idea was born.

This project seeks to compile a user's unread articles from App/Pocket into a physical book. Something with margin space to take notes and mark up as you see fit.

Why? Why not!

Next Steps::

{{DONE}} Set up a github repo so Person/Zsolt Török and other can collaborate :)


Grab all your pocket info using the App/Human Programming Interface 🧑👽🤖

Grab the URLs for all unread articles

Scrape the actual articles into HTML files

Put the scrapped info into some custom App/InDesign layout template sorted by tag

The idea is to leave space for marginalia as well as a dot-grid empty page at the end for any thoughts