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November 10th, 2020

it isn't the repetitiveness of issues in a relationship that makes it stale and boring – it's the repetitiveness of your response to those issues. which is to say, if you fix and address each issue as they come up, then you keep "advancing"

October 18th, 2020

The subtitles of interpersonal relationships and how they can be deliberatly molded to serve a specific narrative

November 10th, 2020

once you practice that for some time, I think you wouldn't need any lectures about relationships or whatever. you just live your life with grace, presence and tenderness and you figure out whatever you need as you go

November 10th, 2020

if you learn to "address the debt" in a relationship – and you'll start having to get more creative, it's actually a lot like a video game that ramps up in difficulty – then it becomes like a crucible for personal growth. you both become more powerful