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Roam Research

Type:: app

OS:: macOS, Linux, Windows, web-app, mobile

Open-Source:: No

Summary:: A note-taking tool for networked thought and a personal knowledge base. A place to grow and curate freeform thought and writing. "Excel for text"

Use-Case:: Note taking and knowledge management for connected thought

Custom Roam things I've hacked together. Some maybe be Useful Roam Tips

Choose your own adventure game

Alfred Text Snippets Card & Alfred Workflow

//hy creates a hypothesis styled quote card

Choice Shortcut

//ch creates




Ideas for the Roam / App/Athens Research API

Roam could be used as the backend for The Company

New saves would be imported directly into the Roam database and linked / referenced correctly

Automatically import various saves into roam

Import all stared articles from pocket

 import all liked / bookmarked tweets

Reddit saved

pocket stars

{{DONE}} Tweetbot for roam

automatically export new pages with a certain tag

these can become pages in a blog

Dynamically link to source materials

Why and where is a dynamic source material link useful? questions

Specify a source online and have an automatically imported to roam

Link a source (webpage) to a roam page

If the source page is updated the roam page is updated

Link / quote fragments of a webpage

Same way that does

Connect to 3rd party APIs

connect a roam page to my notion words page

Connect and save articles read in Pocket

When an article is archived and tagged with Pocket add it to a page in Roam with the correct tags

How would this work? Something using the unofficial Pocket API?

Store Reddit saves

Subscribe to changes on a shared page or block

track coversation and edits

see changes over time to an idea

git for ideas

Query for blocks not tags

blocks that contain text

that contain text and are under a certain tag

This is getting close to sql query territory

{{query: {and: wish test}}}

Native notification system

use as a replacement for a habit tracker like Loop

simple yes-no notification adds a block to my daily page

roam block search outside of roam

A little chrome extension that watches your chrome tab and searches for similar pages in your roam db

using a keyboard shortcut it could pull up a window similar to the emoji picture in OS x and search for a roam thought from anywhere

Create a dropbox like app but for roam

downloads markdown backup of roam

associate file has with page UID

watch a folder for changes to markdown files

sync changes to roam

seamlessly integrate video in roam

Roam to Digital Garden export support

Pain Points


Want to filter by slider value

Want to specify a default slider value


Want to hide attributes from graph

hide specific pages from graph (for example daily pages or TODO)

Want to show 2 degrees of separation in the page graph

1st degree is everything we manually added to the page

2nd degree shows associations of associations

Want to hide attributes from the top of a page


Want to hide some pages & blocks from search

{{DONE}} css page should never show up in search Fixed!

Filters for search

Filter out pages of a specific namespace

permanent filters

a search always filters out Recipe/ or something like that

global filters should apply to search

Referenced in

August 10th, 2020

Roam Research tags as atomic units of measure and filter

About these notes

experimenting with creating new Roam Research components

November 10th, 2020

Doing some more thinking about the future of the newsletter inside Roam Research. I could see a future platform where the RoamAlphaAPI automatically block references the newsletter into your daily page as well as sends an email formatted version to your inbox. This allows for connections to a central newsletter graph as well as making the blocks available for your own remixing and removal.

July 30th, 2020

John A. Taylor has another interesting way of organizing notes in Roam Research on the way to Evergreen Notes

Archive/Delving into the wild world of [[Gatsby]] to create a [[Digital Garden]]

> 🚧 This page is an experiment in learning in semi-public. Misc bits I learn about Gatsby will be recorded here on the way to creating an automated Digital Garden that pulls from Roam Research 🚧

March 22nd, 2021

Roam Research makes creativity easy

July 9th, 2021

tweet to Cortex Futier about Roam Research

October 29th, 2020

The slip-box was the start of the atomic idea. Evergreen Notes and Roam Research have based themselves on this concept of thinking

July 15th, 2020

Could Roam Research act as a backend for knowledge?

October 20th, 2020

I wonder what the interconnected web will look like after Roam Research opens up its multiplayer. Could you search across public blocks of the interroam like a twitter search? How do you visualize the interroam? In 3d?

July 13th, 2020

How can I create an Roaman interface layer using the API?

Intro to datalog for Roam Research

Why am I doing this? I am very interested in the different J5NUMQape that can be done from within Roam Research. These queries allow a massive amount of flexibility to the questions we can ask our own database.